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Neuro-Inclusive Housing

Nearly everyday, individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities including autism are displaced or experience homelessness due to lack of residential options in their community.

The current housing stock is largely inaccessible, yet innovation in design, supportive amenities and technology can address many of the barriers. Neuro-inclusive housing means residential opportunities are created to be financially, physically and cognitively accessible. 

Working together, we can face the crisis head-on to create better housing and community solutions for everyone informed by data that meets both the needs and preferences of the neurodiverse population. 

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I must say, I was skeptical about a 3 hour zoom meeting however, your level of organization, your in depth knowledge of this topic, outstanding presentation skills, the thought provoking questions yielded the most productive 3 hour meeting I have ever attended - zoom or room.  By far, you are the gold-standard in your field and I am certain we will be using your services and your expertise in the future.  Thanks Desiree for the opportunity to connect with the amazing you.

Deb Hartley, Executive Director, Bridge 21 Park City

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Desiree Kameka Galloway: Examples of Expertise

Desiree Kameka Galloway: Examples of Expertise

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