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Market Analysis Driving Neuro-Inclusive Housing Solutions in Colorado

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The visibility of the affordable housing crisis for individuals with

intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) needs to be raised and greater neuro-inclusive community development is necessary to meet demand. Data should drive policy and funding solutions, ensuring that time and funding is spent most effectively to increase the residential options people with I/DD and their families need and want.

Laradon, a Denver-based service provider, recognized a major effort was needed in Denver to increase housing options for the neurodiverse population and prevent individuals with I/DD from being displaced from their community of support, forcefully institutionalized, or rendered homeless. They partnered with nine other local organizations to commission a market analysis focused on the needs of residents with I/DD to offer critical data such as:

  • Population Size

  • Urgency of Aging Caregivers

  • Preferred Service Delivery Model

  • Property Type Preferences

  • Desired Supportive Amenities

  • Barriers to Community Integration and more

What process does NIHS use for market analysis?

Desiree Kameka Galloway, founder of NIHS, developed a unique process in order to collect meaningful data by utilizing the nomenclature in the A Place in the World report and then bringing together local leaders to identify the strengths, barriers, and opportunities to meet the unique local demand for neuro-inclusive residential options.

Using the model illustrated, we: